Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ripley's newest family member, Abby

Heeeeere's Abby...our newest family member! She's a kitten that I got from my cousin, whose purebread Oriental shorthair got out of the family van and was lost for two weeks and who with unknown male cats and produced 2 black kittens and 2 tabby ones. I took one of the little females and we named her Abby. Here she is!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rommel and family~~Sunday Stills for 040509

Rommel is our current German Shepherd. We purchased him from a breeder in Riverside. Turns out, he knew the breeder that we bought our first shepherd from, who also lived in Riverside 30 years ago. I've included some pics of "baby Rommel" in my front flower garden, along with a photo of his father. He looks more and more like "Caesar", his father, every year. The longer haired shepherd is his father. The bitch (top photo) is his mother. She had 6 puppies in that litter. Those puppies, like Rommel, are now 6 years old. It must have been a good pairing: he is the most calm and mellow shepherd of the three we've had. That's him in 2003 in the top photo. He's actually lighter and more light tan than either of his parents. Our first shepherd was black and tan and our second one was also black and tan, but darker. Sunday Stills for April 5, 2009.