Monday, May 25, 2009

Ripley update~~May 25, 2009

Ripley is doing just fine. Our newest addition, the kitten, Abby, is also growing and settling in! She now sleeps with me at night. She burrows down in the sheets and sometimes wakes me in the morning by licking my face! This morning she was down by my feet, beneath the sheets! Here is Ripley out by the newest crop of sunflowers. She is leaving them alone, thanks to me constantly yelling "GET OUTTA THERE!" It seems to be working!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Look what's up on the roof!~Sunday Stills 051709

Yes, that's Daisy, our little female kitty. She loves to get away from the dogs and climb up on the roof and then peer down at them! She's safe from them up there. All of our cats that have survived have climbed up there, some to get away from the coyotes that used to run down our street. I don't see coyotes anymore, but the smart and survival cats still use our porch roof for safety and security. Sunday Stills for May 17, 2009.