Sunday, October 31, 2010

This is why I have so few photos of Ripley!!!

...sigh... I give up!

Peek a boo Daisy! Camera Critters and Pet Pride 103010

This is Daisy, one of our three outdoor cats. She used to be an indoor cat, but one day, I let her out years ago and she's remained outside ever since. She does come in on really hot days and really cold mornings, like this morning. Right now, she is curled up next to me on the couch, on a pile of blankets! Daisy is about 12 years old now. She's very petite, light, and she's as quick as a mouse. Speaking of mice, she is my prime hunter! She kills mice, rats, gophers, birds, and twice even caught wild baby bunnies! (I'm ashamed to say...) She's even caught hummingbirds...sigh...but, for the most part, our yard is clear of "critters", thanks to her! She like to greet me at our front gate and let me know that she's ready for her afternoon snack! Camera Critters and Pet Pride for 103010