Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"F" ~~ABC Wednesday, 022410

"F" is for face. And, this is the face of little Daisy, one of Ripley's cat friends. Daisy has lived with us longer than Ripley, but Ripley LOVES to chase little Daisy up onto the porch. And, Daisy, in turn,loves to stare down at Ripley and laugh...."Ha, ha! I'm up here and you're NOT!" Daisy only weighs 6 pounds. She has always been petite. Hubby and I brought her home from one of the weekend adoptions at PetSmart many years ago. Let's see...she must be about 12 years old by now! And, she is a good mouser! We used to have..er.."critters" all around our yard, but after Daisy settled in, I haven't seen many critters. Once in a while I find a dead mouse out front. Anyway, "F" is for Daisy's face. I mean, WHO can resist this face? ABC Wednesday for February 24, 2010.