Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rommel and Loki ~BFF? Camera Critters 112809

Our white male (neutered) cat, Loki, has shaped every dog we've had. Let's see...that would be our second German shepherd, Maverick, our son's dog, Atticus (the Weimeraner), our current German shepherd, Rommel, and now even Ripley. I always know when he is out back because Ripley jumps against the sliding glass door in an attempt to run outside and sniff his $%TT!~ He has been very patient with her, especially when she was a puppy. I remember when she was smaller than him and would follow him around the house. I never saw him swat her, which, I think, accounts for her enthusiasm towards him! Anyway, here are Rommel and Loki sort of relaxing together, but, as you can see, Loki had his own expression for the whole experience!!! Camera Critters for Saturday, November 28, 2009.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

There's a PREDATOR in the neighborhood!!!

Yes, there is! And, he chases away the doves that I feed. He is a hawk. I'm guessing a Cooper's Hawk. One day, he landed on my bird bath out in the back yard. I noticed that there wasn't a dove in the yard. Then, I heard a furious flapping of wings another morning. ALL the doves disappeared in an instant. Yup. It was HIM/HER??? Now, I noticed that the birdseed isn't always gone every day. And, this morning, I heard the frantic beating of wings and ALL the doves took off. Yup. It was the hawk again...sigh...I believe he/she has taken up residence in our neighborhood and "dining" on our local birds. I know my neighbors also feed the doves and pigeons, so it has an ample supply. I did see Loki, our big white cat, run up the mesquite tree after him/her this morning. GOOD KITTY! Of course, I don't have to worry about Loki! He weighs 16 pounds! But, I do worry about little Daisy, who only weighs 5 pounds. Does anyone know... can a hawk carry a 5 pound cat? Should I be worried about Daisy disappearing???