Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gigondas and sunset~SkyWatch Friday 100209

Gigondas is a big, red thoroughbred mare that I rescued from a slaughter-bound feedlot in WA state in 2006. I rescued her the same time I rescued my Beauty. They came down together from WA state. Immediately upon her arrival, Beauty picked me as her human, while Gigondas picked my husband. That was okay with me. Gigondas needed A human, any human, to bond with. She and hubby have now formed a very special bond. He goes out and talks to her, walks her, and spends hours brushing her, until her eyes close! He took this photo of her on September 11, 2009, when she was in the arena, at sunset. SkyWatch Friday for October 2, 2009. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. love the colors in this photo,it has so much emotion and motion both...Gigondas is a beauty and her story is so touching..glad she has found someone to love her.... you have a lovely blog, I hope to keep returning to read more here.... Happy sky watching and have a nice weekend and cheers

  2. Love the picture and love what you are doing.

    Please help spread the word that I am fostering Gypsy for adoption. Anyone may go to my site and type Gypsy in search and read all about her.

  3. Your blog name caught my eye in the Skywatch list because Ripley is also my (maiden) name. She's a cutie, and I love your beautiful shot of Gigondas—I'm glad she found her loving human.