Sunday, November 15, 2009

There's a PREDATOR in the neighborhood!!!

Yes, there is! And, he chases away the doves that I feed. He is a hawk. I'm guessing a Cooper's Hawk. One day, he landed on my bird bath out in the back yard. I noticed that there wasn't a dove in the yard. Then, I heard a furious flapping of wings another morning. ALL the doves disappeared in an instant. Yup. It was HIM/HER??? Now, I noticed that the birdseed isn't always gone every day. And, this morning, I heard the frantic beating of wings and ALL the doves took off. Yup. It was the hawk again...sigh...I believe he/she has taken up residence in our neighborhood and "dining" on our local birds. I know my neighbors also feed the doves and pigeons, so it has an ample supply. I did see Loki, our big white cat, run up the mesquite tree after him/her this morning. GOOD KITTY! Of course, I don't have to worry about Loki! He weighs 16 pounds! But, I do worry about little Daisy, who only weighs 5 pounds. Does anyone know... can a hawk carry a 5 pound cat? Should I be worried about Daisy disappearing???

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  1. Hawks have been known to take cats. Not often as long as they have another food source.