Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pets~Ripley~Sunday Stills Challenge 120609

I found these pics on hubby's laptop (since my computer crashed last week). Here's Ripley as a puppy, sacked out on our couch. She just moved right in and made herself at home! Right now she's asleep on the floor, next to me. She's proven to be an intelligent, curious, and loyal little dog. She's mostly black lab. When I took her in for her yearly shots over Thanksgiving, she was very friendly to all the people, but she growled at EVERY dog in the waiting room! GO AWAY FROM MY MOM!!! Silly girl! Sunday Stills Challenge for December 6, 2009. Snow storm on the way, arriving tomorrow.


  1. Cute as a pup..:-) They do get protective don't they..

  2. Cute and cuddly. But pups do need to socialize with other pups. Our Aussie Puppy would grow at my son's beagle pups. lol so we stuck her in with them for about a month until all of the puppies were sold! she loves to play with the dogs now!
    My pics are on my blog,