Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shots? No shots...sorry

So, yesterday morning, I bundled up Ripley to take her in to our local animal services clinic for her annual shots. Now, it is about a 12 mile drive out there. I looked them up online as they had just moved into a new building, and headed out with THE PRINCESS. She sat quietly on the passenger seat the entire way (I did not have her buckled in, but I held on to her leash with my right hand!) time I'll just put her in the back, but it was full of STUFF! Got there...lovely, nice new building, and they were CLOSED. Yes, CLOSED! For the ENTIRE HOLIDAY WEEKEND! Workers were busy polishing the floors. Eh? Did they even say they would be closed for the entire weekend on their website? No. Nope. Nyet! next Saturday, I'll have to pack her up in the car (I'll have it cleaned out by then) and trudge back all the way across town again...

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