Monday, April 9, 2012

Rommel and Patches update

Rommel and Patches are both gone.  Rommel was our beautiful German Shepherd.  He died while we were away on Christmas vacation to visit hubby's family up in Napa.  Actually, Rommel lasted until we got home and we at least were able to say good-bye to him and love on him as he passed.  He had canine lupus, a disease which basically turned his immune system against him.  He was 9 years old...Patches, our calico cat, was on our bed and she just fell over, the breath slipped out of her, and she expired.  She had been an outdoor ranch cat at the horse ranch up in Lancaster and had survived living outdoors for several years.  So, at least with us, she had nearly 5 years of peace and quiet, since we kept her indoors.  We don't know how old she was, but she was OLD when we got her.  While I really miss having a German Shepherd, hubby and I don't think we can handle another dog right now, since we have Ripley and Atticus (our son's Weimeraner).  That's two big dogs who follow us everywhere and eat us out of house and home!  Plus, we have 3 outdoor cats and Abby, our black cat, who stays inside.  She doesn't even attempt to get out of the house.  She usually sits with me as I blog and she jumps up on the windowsill to watch the birds outside.  And, hubby and I are getting older, so it is hard to have big dogs.  I know that sometimes Atticus gets in my way and with my bad knee (arthritis), I sometimes fall down!  I can't afford to tweek it and make it any worse than it is!  He is usually at my feet as I blog (he's asleep right next to me now) and it wouldn't be fair to either him or Ripley to bring in another dog right now. Daisy, my orange and white tabby (female) cat is ...let's see...16 years old and Loki, our white male (neutered) is 17!!!!  Daisy occasionally comes inside for a meal, but mostly stays outside and catches gophers and mice and rats in the yard, and an occasional sparrow.  She's still pretty spry, but I notice she is very light.  She seems to be in good health.  Loki is doing okay for his age, but seems a bit senile at times!  (crazy cat!)  He'll wander out among the birds and take a nap in the sun (a "sun nap") while they look on.  He doesn't seem to bother them and they ignore him!  So, all are pluggin' away at this point.

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  1. Hi Cheryl!

    Miss your barn blog!

    Clicked here to see this one and read about your dog and cat dying; my heart goes out to you because we had our three cats die over the years and it breaks the heart.

    When you wrote about the bigger dog accidently tripping you, be careful. We have another stray cat that adopted us (figured out which apt. patio was ours and would climb tree, walk across the roof and jump down into the patio; she left a nice sized hole in the screen trying to get in on a rainy night)and she is grey and is hard to see sometimes..I have tripped but not fallen to ground yet.

    Hope you and yours are having a nice w/end. Take care.