Monday, June 29, 2009

Taking a break from blogging

I am taking a blogging break while I mourn the loss of my chestnut mare, Beauty, who died suddenly and tragically on June 25, 2009. I found her dead in her corral the next morning. As far as we can tell, she got cast in her corral and wasn't able to get up. What a waste of a beautiful, caring, and loving creature. Beauty was only 5 years old and the ONLY horse of mine that I have ridden so far. My cousin helped with her training and Valerie is just as devastated as I am. It is never easy to lose a faithful pet and Beauty was my faithful and loyal companion. She picked ME as her human and always whinnied to greet me when I arrived at the ranch. There are no more whinnies from the other horses now. They just ignore me. I miss her sunny and warm personality, her goofy attitude, and the white patches of hair on her butt.

I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU, Beauty! She was a feedlot rescue and at least she was given a good, loving home and was spared the horror of slaughter. Please, if you can, give to the horse rescue of your choice so that more horses like Beauty will be spared from slaughter. Thank you.


  1. Will be thinking about you! I rescued a horse (well two actually) from the killer's at a sale..the first was a chestnut mare, she was doped and seemed gentle, well she was, but on trail rides she had to be the lead mare and kicked at everyone...not good for a newbie...she had a previous injury to her leg, and limped a lot, some to get out of riding, and sometimes for real. She had thrush all the time, continually. I kept her on dry ground and it still continued. She wad severely under weight when I got her, and no matter what I tried she never got to the weight she should have been...I ended up giving her to someone who also rescues and would take care of her, she was a little more horse than i needed and I couldnt afford the vet bills that were continual...+sigh+
    The other is the boy I have now, King...He was severely underweight and we thought he was much older than he was, he is on my blog now and he is a different horse than when we got him, and about 7 years younger than we thought! He is one awesome horse and a great babysitter for me! LOL He is teaching me to ride! I love my boy and I'm so lucky to have had them both in my life, and still have King...he will grow very old and live his life with us.....So people....rescue a horse, they could end up being your best friend!!!

  2. I am so, so sorry about Beauty. Such a sad loss. You were wonderful to rescue her so that she could know what love felt like.

  3. Big hugs to you!!! Take your time, we understand. My aunt worked at a horse rescue and adopted a mustang that was in the rodeo circuit for a long time.

  4. Oh my goodness, i am SO sorry for your loss. I send you hugs and prayers in this terrible time. Beauty is now in the wonderful pasture in the sky, thanking you for giving her the best earthly home she could have asked for. I hope you are okay.