Sunday, June 21, 2009

We're home, finally!

Hubby and I took a short vacation to Northern California last week. We drove up Highway 395 through Ridgecrest, stopped at the BLM corrals there and fed the mustangs! What a bunch of goofballs! They must get fed carrots a LOT because they sure knew what carrots were! Then, up to Yosemite, over the Tioga Pass. Have you ever drive up that pass? Phew! WHAT a climb! We spent 2 nights in Merced, CA and spent the next 2 days in Yosemite, then drove BACK through Yosemite and DOWN the Tioga Pass. I know, I know...we MUST be nuts! We saw 2 bears there during our trip. Then, on to South Lake Tahoe. That driving day was another stormy day. Apparently they'd had snow just 2 weeks prior to our trip last week! It was cloudy the whole time, but we got some beautiful photos! From Lake Tahoe, we took some side trips, down to Genoa, Silver City, Virginia City, Reno, and Markleyville. Then, yesterday we drove back down 395 and stayed in Lone Pine. We took the road to the Mt. Whitney portal in the afternoon and the next morning, we arose at 5:00 a.m. to get some morning photos. Then, back home through Ridgecrest, stopping to feed the mustangs AGAIN, and home! Right now, I have Ripley asleep ON MY FEET so that I don't go anywhere EVER again!!! Here are some pics of our trip...enjoy!


  1. Wow what a beautiful post and pictures! I am looking forward to more reading! Lovely blog!

  2. PS I have forgotten to update my blog roll so I havent been by in a long time! I dont know what I was thinking, but your blog gets lovelier every day! I sure missed out on a lot and have lots of catching up to do!