Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"d' is for Daisy! ABC Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Daisy is our little orange and white tabby. We got her in 1998 and she had just been spayed. Hubby and I had gone to Petsmart to buy dog food and he was "coochie-cooing" with her in one of the cages where the adoptable cats were held. Of course, we adopted her on the spot! She has turned into an absolutely RUTHLESS killer! She kills mice, rats bigger than her, birds (yes...even baby hummingbirds!), lizards, and 3 baby rabbits (rolling eyes!). She is an absolutely efficient killing machine! But...just look at that innocent face! I have found her pile of "dead things" out in the garage and I periodically have to clean it out! It's interesting to watch her with our kitten, Abby, who thinks SHE is in charge. Nope! She and Daisy went nose to nose the other night and Daisy came out on top. She has always been real sensitive with her back and she can't stand too much human contact, but we've had her 11 years now. One summer she disappeared and by the 3rd day, I went around the neighborhood looking for her and putting up posters (she IS microchipped). Turns out, a neighbor 2 blocks away had her in their house! I marched up to the door and demanded that they return her. They said they wouldn't. I said, "She's MICROCHIPPED. Let's just see WHO she belongs to!" I got her back! Like one of our former cats, she spends a lot of her afternoons on our garage roof, in the shade of our palo verde. "D" is for Daisy. ABC Wednesday, August 12, 2009.


  1. The nerve of those people! Good thing you had her microchipped!

  2. Darned cheek! I'm glad she was microchipped. Perhaps they were people who disapprove of outdoor cats?

  3. a different Daisy plus Dopey neighbors.