Sunday, May 23, 2010

Daisy on the Roof ~ Pet Pride for 052210

I don't know why I'm always taking photos of the darn cats instead of Ripley! Maybe it's because THEY at least stand still! (unlike Ms. Ripley!)...anyway, here is one of my cats, Daisy, up on top of our porch overhang. She loves to go up there and spy on the birds who are feeding below. Smart kitty! We used to have coyotes run down our street and all of our cats have learned to hop up to the roof for survival's sake! Pet Pride for May 22, 2010. If Ripley would ever hold still for 2 seconds, I would take a picture of her, but that doesn't happen except when she is asleep and snoring and who wants a photo of that?


  1. Hey, we love looking up and seeing Daisy looking down! She looks like a really cool cat! Mom and Dad love to take pictures of us so we're learning to sit still for them -- why? because then we get a treat!!

    Sam and Mojo

  2. hey daisy you doing the cat walk?!!

    woof woof
    Pet Pride