Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our first day with Ripley

These were the first two pics we ever took of Ripley. My husband held her in his lap the entire trip down the mountain! Ripley was free at the local swap meet. There were 4 puppies: her two brothers, who looked like German Shepherds and another little female. I picked up Ripley and never put her down! A boy came over and grabbed the other black puppy and ran off, so I was glad I had Ripley! She was the most alert of all the puppies! We didn't want the shepherd-looking ones as we already have a purebred German Shepherd, Rommel. We initially got Ripley because our daughter always wanted a black lab, but by the time we got her home, there was no way I could part with her! What's really funny is that Cathy, the lady who boards our herd, said, "Oh! I wonder if she's one of the puppies from next door?" Huh? Turns out, her next door neighbors had puppies! And, yes, Ripley was one of them. I saw her father. He wandered over to the horse corrals one day. He was a really nice dog, very friendly, very BIG! And, I've seen "brother" a few times...or "uncle"....a full grown "Ripley" even with the white star on his chest!

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