Friday, December 12, 2008

Why name her Ripley?

Okay. I admit it. It took a while to name her. She was a bundle of joy mixed in with sheer energy. Our daughter wanted "Mocha". In fact, she bought her a dog tag with "Mocha" engraved on it. Nah. That just didn't fit her. We tried a couple other names. Finally, our son suggested "Ripley" from the aliens movies. Ripley was strong, independent, and definitely an alpha female. That fit our little bundle of joy perfectly! So, she became Ripley. The name also stuck since she LOVES to rip up ANYTHING she can get those little teeth into! Every morning I stumble out into the living room (yes, we spoil our dogs and let them sleep inside at night!) and I'm greeted by scenes from the previous night's chaos. Hmmmm.....I never hear the ruckus that must go on! She usually raids the trash can from the kitchen. I've had strawberries strewn about the living room, old broccoli, boxes of crackers (minus the crackers), stale loaves of bread (minus the bread)....anyway, you get the idea. Really, you'd think WE would learn and put up the trash can? Nah. We're too stupid! She's the smart one!
This is an early morning pic from the desert.

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