Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ripley has been reading!!!!

I never know what kind of scene is going to greet me every morning with Ripley and the "boys". Sometimes, as I stumble out into the living room, I'm greeted with coffee grounds spread out all over my carpet. Or, maybe it's last night's broccoli. Or, empty bags which once contained loaves of bread. Of course, the bread is GONE! One time, it was my clean underwear! HA! Now I always immediately put those away! Many times it is shredded grocery bags. Guess Ripley is looking through them at night? Sometimes when I awaken at 2:30 a.m., I'll just sleep out on the couch and keep "one eye" on the dogs. Of course, they always behave then! Anyway, these are some pics of our side porch where Ripley and Atticus stay during the daytime. Do you see what I mean? Chaos. Believe it or not, before Ripley, this porch was always CLEAN! No longer!!!! See? She's reading about the best house on the block...OBVIOUSLY not ours! And, bless her little heart! SHE'S going to train my horses for me! What a sweetheart! (NOT!) See, she's been reading on her bed! WHAT NEXT? with Ripley!

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  1. lol Ripley reminds me a lot of me when I was first adopted by my family.