Friday, January 2, 2009

Booster shot today!

I took Ripley in for her booster shot this afternoon. This was the last opportunity I had before going back to school and she was due to have them on the 3rd, but the place isn't open on weekends, so it was today or NEVER! YIKES! So, I piled her into the car and away we went. Now, Ripley doesn't go in MY car very often and she was intrigued by it all! But, she behaved (believe it or not!). She was very friendly with everyone at the office, much to their annoyance! And, I met two big, black, beautiful male labs who were also there getting their shots! They were so much bigger than Ripley and they, too, were 1 1/2 years old, so she must have some mixture of a small dog in her! She was very good for her shot and didn't even move! So, back home we went and she sacked out for an entire afternoon! GOOD GIRL! I went up and worked my thoroughbred while Ripley took a L-O-N-G nap!

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  1. Wow, reading all that makes me need a nap, too! I'm a very small sized black lab, too. Mom and Dad think I might have some other breed in me because I don't have the square lab head, but since I'm a rescue dog, we'll never know for sure. That's okay though cuz Mom and Dad say I'm the perfect size and my head shape is perfect, too.