Thursday, January 29, 2009

Skywatch Friday January 30, 2009 Ripley's neighborhood

Ripley and our other 2 big dogs LOVE to wake up early, about 5:00 a.m. for a hearty breakfast and a romp outdoors! I always go outside with my camera to check on the morning desert sunrise. This one was VERY early in the morning! You can just barely see the crescent moon. For other Skywatch Friday photos, please visit:


  1. There is nothing like a desert sky. This is beautiful.

  2. you are an early riser! nice shot!

    Tess (life is beautiful)

  3. Great looking skywatch shot, and I must say Ripley is a good lookin dog, much like my old friend Sam.

    Cheers and have a great weekend!
    Regina In Pictures

  4. Nice one. The moon is clearly visible in the enlargement, but I wouldn't hav noticed it in the small picture.

  5. Great photos! My Sophie is also an early riser....I love the time with her in the's our favorite. :)