Friday, January 9, 2009

"Uncle" Rommel and the horses

I have to take my German Shepherd, Rommel, up to the mountain vet about every month of so. He has had a skin condition and needs a steroid to control his constant itching. He also gets a bath. So, into my Honda CRV he goes. He absolutely LOVES it! We stop and visit the horses after his vet visit. This trip, he got to eat some of the horse beet pulp and slurp the water in the bucket! What a ham! And, he got to meet the little dachshund puppy for the first time! She's a long haired dachshund. The two mustangs, Cali and Scout, were more at ease with Rommel this visit, probably because the ranch has 4 dogs! So, they are used to them. None of them, however, are as big as Rommel. I always tie him to a tree and then he's JUST out of reach of Scout's very quick back legs. I don't want her to kick him! So, he is content to lie in the warm sun and watch all the horses! Here are some pics of our visit last Saturday.

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  1. The field across the street from my house has horses in it and they come up to say hi to me once in awhile. I'm okay with the horses, but those cows drive me CRAZY!!! I bark every time I see the cows. My longhaired dacshund sister LOVES horses and has always wanted to go chase them. Mom has to keep an eye on her if the horses are out and she's not on a leash in the yard. Crazy girl!