Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sausage, Sausage...who's got the sausage? January 20, 2009

Hubby fried up some sausages for dinner tonight. We put Ripley and Atticus O-U-T-T!!!!! meaning they are not allowed inside while we eat! No way. But, our German Shepherd, Rommel, who has impecable manners, gets to stay inside during meals. He doesn't beg. He just sits and waits patiently. However, when Miss Foxy Loxy came inside, she made a beeline to the table, looked around, and even went over to Rommel to see if he had "sausage breath"!!!! (which he did!) Oh, boy! She was MAD!!!! She ran around all over the kitchen and living room, looking for any sausage which might have "accidentally" slipped on the floor. None. Nope. Not a bit. She is now konked out by me, at the computer, on the floor. Guess she wore herself out (thank goodness!)

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  1. I'd be really mad if Sasha got sausage and I didn't! But then again I'm the more behavedone so I'd be the one getting it and Sasha wouldn't. Unless Grandma is around. I forget all my manners when Grandma is eating. It drives Mom crazy.