Monday, February 16, 2009

A present from Ripley

Last night I was dozing on the couch. Hubby and I visited Joshua Tree National Park and we were out all afternoon and it was COLD up there! I came back exhausted. Hubby let all 3 dogs out front in the fenced yard and they came back in. I awoke when they came in the house and saw, out of the corner of my eye, that Ripley was staring at something on the floor, by the couch. She didn't touch it, but she sat and stared at it. I asked hubby, "Is there something on the floor that Ripley is looking at?" and when he replied, "Don't MOVE!", duh...I immediately sat up and put on my glasses! Guess what it was? A DEAD RAT! Or, actually, not quite dead! Now, I'm sure Ripley didn't mangle it...that would have been Daisy's job (our little female cat...), but I'm also sure that Ripley found it outside and brought it in"play with"!!! No pics. Sorry. Hubby scooped it up and I don't know what he did with it. Ugh. Here's Daisy saying, "WHO ME??????" Just LOOK at that innocent face! Actually, it is the face of a ruthless KILLER! She's killed mice, rats (almost as big as her!), birds, gophers, hummingbirds, and even baby rabbits! She has a pile of "dead things" out in the garage (in a corner) and I have it out every now and then! GO DAISY!


  1. Well when a cat brings you a gift. It is an honor! LOL... I have a friend that her cats would always bring things INTO her house. LIve Mice. a LIVE BIRD! My cats....DUDS! They do not bring me anything.....boohoo...Probably a good thing though.

  2. I don't put dead stuff in my mouth. That's gross. When Dad and I go hunting, I will sit by the pheasant until he comes and finds it. If Sasha kills something out in the yard I get Dad's attention and point it out to him, but I NEVER put it in my mouth and bring it to him. I also never show it to Mom because I know how she'll react!

  3. EeewWEeee at the dead critters - but Awww at that face!!!