Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How many bones does Ripley have?

Last weekend, when I went to visit the horses, I stopped by the feed store and bought 1 bone for each dog. Simple, right? Nah. Ripley immediately gathered two bones and then sat and protected them for the next two hours! She guarded them and kept one eye on the other sad-looking dogs! Little BUGGER!!! Well, at least it kept her busy and she took a LONG nap that afternoon! It was funny watching the other two dogs try to outwit her. Our German Shepherd finally stole one of the bones, ran down the hallway, and jumped on our bed to enjoy his catch!
Here's Ripley...."Hmmmm...now how many bones DO I have?"


  1. I don't see what the problem is. I do that same thing all the time. There's a rule that I have to chew on every chew toy until I decide it's okay for Sasha to have.

  2. That is to funny! Sydney, my Golden Retriever will hog the bones too! LOL...All three of my girls are so funny to watch their antics. THEY ARE SO MUCH LIKE REAL KIDS! LOL