Saturday, February 7, 2009

Weekend breakfast

When I'm home on weekends, I like to cook a nice breakfast for our three dogs. They get eggs cooked in olive oil and a can of sardines. I also add some yogurt. They LOVE the warm eggs, yogurt, and sardines! The sardines add extra oil to their coats and Ripley's is absolutely shining! They also seem to help our old German Shepherd with his dry coat. If I forget to give him his sardines, his coat gets dull and dry, but when I give him some, he perks right up and his coat shines, too! I didn't get a photo this morning, but I'll take one tomorrow. Yum, yum! Weekend breakfast! It certainly is better than a dry, old bone!


  1. How many sardines do you give Ripley? I have three girls. Lab size. So part with the recipe, LOL. I think I will start to do that too. I did not think Sardines were good for dogs. Umm....sounds yummy!

  2. I give the 3 of them 1 can of sardines. I also pour the oil over their dog food! I alternate between salmon in the foil pouch and the sardines. A can of sardines, on sale, is about $1.00. I hit the jackpot today at Safeway: bought a carton of 18 eggs and got a second carton FREE! Also, the salmon was on sale...a 6 oz bag of Bumblebee salmon was on sale for $2.75 (usually $3.15)! Actually, the "fish oil" capsules and Omega 3 and 6 capsules that I used to buy for $30.00 a bottle, have the same oils as the sardines and salmon. I found this on a dog forum! Natural foods are better for them anyway. What do huskies eat? What do wolves eat? Raw, natural foods. I also give them kelp tablets. I know, I know...I spoil them!