Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday morning breakfast

Okay, so the pack didn't get sardines this morning! They did get their eggs, yogurt, and 1 chopped up hot dog with cheese. Guess what? Their dishes are all clean! Yup! Clean as a whistle! And, they are all sacked out and it's only 7:00 a.m.! They helped me go outside this morning and fill up the bird feeders. After yesterday's rain, the birds will be hungry today and I wanted to get their food out early. We have doves, sparrows, and some kind of little black and white bird visit the feeders. I have a family of mockingbirds that lives nearby. One year I found a baby mockingbird who was cornered in our front yard by our white cat, Loki. The little thing was stretching his/her wings out as much as he/she could to scare the cat away, and I guess it worked because he/she was unharmed. I brought the STUPID CAT inside and I guess he somehow got back to its nest. The parents were divebombing the STUPID CAT, so they knew where the baby was. I love to hear the mockingbirds sing. We also have a family of orioles up in our cottonwood tree, although I haven't seen them this year. Once in a while we have a visiting owl who hoots in the tree in the evenings. We have a roadrunner family that has lived in our neighborhood (we don't get much car traffic here) for years and one time, one of them was chasing our little (petite) cat, Daisy, down the street! YES! Can you believe it? She might have been after one of their babies! In the 33 years we've lived here, we've always had a family of roadrunners (HA! probably 15th generation by now)! Here's a photo of Loki (STUPID CAT, the white one) and Daisy (little hunter, the orange and white one!). Enjoy your Sunday!

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